For more than 25 years, SCHNEIDER BROTHERS Investment Fund has responded to the needs of individuals and companies, in order to assist and accompany them in successfully carrying out and securing their projects and/or investments.

To protect your investments, the SCHNEIDER BROTHERS Group has recently developed a new financial product with a guaranteed return on your financial investments and projects.

If you wish to invest in a commercial, real-estate or financial project in an unknown or unfavorable economic climate, and want to be ensured that you will get your investment back within five years, SCHNEIDER PROTECT® is your solution.

A dedicated team will provide a swift, thorough and personalized study of your case, regardless of your country of residence, thanks to our multilingual Family Offices located in over 15 countries. This will bring you absolute safety for the return of your investment possibly accompanied by a minimum annual growth interest (*).

SCHNEIDER PROTECT®, an exclusive financial product, is unrivalled on the international market and is the result of a constant search from the SCHNEIDER BROTHERS Group for better comfort and greater security, and of an ever greater willingness to accompany its clients worldwide.

SCHNEIDER PROTECT® applies to investments from 1 million euros to 200 million euros (or the equivalent in other currencies).

(*) Specific conditions apply.